Jewellery Making Workshops in Pune

Avni Jewellery also provides a range of jewellery making workshops in Pune. Most of the workshops are of two days each. During these workshops we make sure that you learn all the skills required to start designing your jewellery like a pro; whether you want to pursue it as a hobby or as a profession. We provide you with all the material which is required for the workshop. You take back whatever you make in the workshop , except the tools. We also give you all the different sources- online as well as local sources from where you can procure all the material and the tools required.
A participant who wants to attend the jewellery making workshop doesn’t really need any kind of prior experience in this field. We cover all the basics so even if you are a novice you can learn to design and make your own jewellery. All you need is enthusiasm and the willingness to learn.

Basic Jewellery

Learn different assembling…

Egyptian Wire Jewellery Making Workshop using Jig


Thai Clay Jewellery Making Workshop


Egyptian Wire Jewellery Making Workshop


Avni handmade jewellery - Terracotta Jewellery Making Workshop

Terracotta Jewellery Making Workshop