A memory cherished forever

On 24th October 2017 around 10-10:30 am I got a call from a lady regarding a customisation order. She had done a brief Google search and found my number online. She had gone for a trek to Roopkhund and had a picked up a stone from Neel Ganga . She wanted to make something out of it so whenever she would look at it she’d be reminded of the wonderful trek she had been to. Since I had never before made something using an undrilled stone, I asked her to send me a picture so it would give me a better idea. It was a simple cream coloured stone. She had called me up while she was on Delhi airport and said that she would come over as soon as she landed in Pune. We fixed up a time and place.



Different angles of the stone which were sent to me.


Once I saw the stone I examined it closely. Multiple ideas started running through my head. I wanted to hero the stone and not make anything unnecessary which would take attention away from the stone. It was a nice smooth stone. It wasn’t a perfect round like I am used to working with. This was a challenge in itself for me. I didn’t want to disappoint her, I wanted to make something pretty and help her cherish this memory. Since it was the first time we were ever meeting, she was a little apprehensive handing over the stone which meant so much to her . But I assured her that I will take really good care of it and make something pretty . She had given me the freedom to make anything that I thought would look best of it.

The next day I sat down with the stone and started listing down my ideas . I was thinking of doing some wire weaving around it and then turn it into a charm which she could it around her neck. But since she wanted something she could use more often and even on formals, I scrapped the idea of making a necklace. I was trying to visualise how the wire weaving part would look on the stone and then it suddenly came to me! Wire wrapping!!! I thought that if I do wire wrapping instead of weaving and enclose the stone in a wire cage sort of a thing , then the entire focus will remain on the stone and not on the weave. I got so excited cause I was able to visualise it . Now the task was to put the thought into action.

I took about 12 inches of 20 gauge copper wire and started wrapping it from one end of the stone to the other. It wasn’t giving me the look that I had visualised . So I decided to try out a different approach. I started out from the centre of the stone and started wrapping on both sides of the stone. It worked really very well. The wire was sparse and stone was properly visible . Yay!! I made loops on either sides of the stone and attached a couple of beads . I had taken measurement of her wrist when we had met, so I cut the chain accordingly and attached some findings to finish it off.


The finished bracelet with the copper wire wrapped stone


It was looking beautiful. I was hoping that she would also like it. I messaged her about it and we decided to meet up over the weekend. She was so excited and eager to see so I sent her a picture. She absolutely loved it!!! I was ecstatic  😀  It was just the reaction I was hoping for. She came over the weekend to collect it. When I handed it over to her, I could see her face light up. I was overjoyed :’)  She immediately tried it on and it was looking beautiful on her slender wrist. I could see the joy in her eyes when she was examining it. I was so happy that I was able to help her cherish the special memory. 🙂



Happily modelling her new bracelet


Personally for me wearing jewellery hasn’t just been about accessorising an outfit. Wearing and making jewellery has always given me immense joy. I am so glad to spread the joy and love 🙂


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