Thai Clay Jewellery Making Workshop


Thai Clay Jewellery Making Workshop


Thai Clay is an Air Dry clay (it doesn’t need to be baked). Thai Clay is usually used to make flowers. We have applied the flower making techniques to make beautiful jewellery. Air Drying Clay is the perfect essential for beginner and expert artisans who want a high-quality finish without firing up an expensive kiln. Discover the uniqueness of this clay by popping them into moulds and cutting out chunks by using old cookie cutters. Once the clay dries out, they can paint straight over the top by using poster paints and acrylics or you can mix the color in the clay while making your products.


In the Thai clay jewellery making workshop you’ll make:

  • 5 Pendants
  • 5 Earrings
  • 2 Hairclips


You will also learn different techniques like:

  • Adding color to the clay : How to add color to the clay according to your requirement
  • Prepping the clay : How to prep the clay and make it ready for use
  • Handling the clay :  How to handle the clay and to avoid it from drying
  • Adding textures : How to add textures to create patterns
  • Replacing the ball tool : How to get the same effect of the ball tool by using daily objects instead
  • Creating layers using scissors : How to create layers using scissors to make jewellery
  • Using molds : Do’s and Don’ts of using silicon molds
  • Assembling the components : How to assemble the components to create jewellery


We provide you with all the material which is required for the workshop. You take back whatever you make in the workshop , except the tools. We also give you all the different sources- online as well as local sources from where you can procure all the material and the tools required.

Come and experience the joy of making your own jewellery by attending our jewellery making workshops.

The workshops are conducted in Pune. If you want a group workshop conducted in your city then do get in touch.


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