Terracotta Jewellery Making Workshop

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Terracotta Jewellery Making Workshop


Terracotta literally means ‘baked earth’ and is made from natural clay, giving it a reddish-brown color. It may be glazed for durability or to add color. Being water proof and sturdy, several ancient sculptures in this clay are still intact. It was used traditionally to create figures of deities on festive occasions and ceremonies besides it is used in jewellery and handicrafts.

Making terracotta jewellery might appear to be a simple form of art, but it is a labor-intensive technique.  From making the clay to molding it to desired shape and then baking it, is a long process.  After the terracotta item is baked, it is then painted for a lustrous appearance.

Simple designs of Terracotta with minimal details can be combined with semi-formal, ethnic wear or even everyday wear. Heavily embellished jhumkas, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and bangles are an apt accessory for teaming up with lehengas, Anarkali kurtas and traditional heavier saris. Being non-reactive in nature, Clay and Terracotta jewellery suits all skin types, and does not cause allergies. Terracotta or clay objects are not sturdy and require careful handling. The jewellery can be wiped with a moist cloth if necessary.


Learn to make , bake and paint your own Terracotta Jewellery in a two day terracotta jewellery making workshop.

In the terracotta jewellery making workshop you will learn to make :

  • Almost 10 types of beads.
  • How to design using different tools.
  • Hanging Earrings
  • Stud Earrings
  • Indian Pendants
  • Aztec Pendants
  • Solid Jhumka
  • Hollow Jhumka
  • Learn to paint and assemble your products.
  • Learn to use a bead roller


You will also learn how to bake your products without using an oven in our 2 day terracotta jewellery making workshop. Since Terracotta needs to dry for 4-5 days before you can bake it; a demo of the baking process will be shown in the workshop which will help you bake your products from the comfort of your own home without any fancy tools and equipments . We provide you with all the material which is required for the workshop. You take back whatever you make in the workshop , except the tools. We also give you all the different sources- online as well as local sources from where you can procure all the material and the tools required.

Come and experience the joy of making your own jewellery by attending our jewellery making workshops.

The workshops are conducted in Pune. If you want a group workshop conducted in your city then do get in touch with us.


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