Egyptian Wire Jewellery Making Workshop using Jig


Egyptian Jewellery  Workshop using a Jig


The Egyptian Coil can be found on Ancient Egyptian pottery, but are surprisingly absent from their jewelry. The symbols common to actual Egyptian jewelry are mostly representative of their gods, and the colors and symbols are intended to bring luck and ward off evil. Spirals, unfortunately, had no place among the symbols held sacred by Ancient Egyptians.

Spirals are prevalent in other ancient cultures, however. The oldest spiral jewelry is attributed to Sumerians, an ancient culture that lived between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Metal spirals are present in Sumerian necklaces, bracelets and rings. Sumerians believed they needed to bring gifts as offerings to gods and goddesses to enter the underworld, so much of their jewelry is found at their burial sites.

Even though the Egyptian Coil is not technically Egyptian, it still looks fabulous and makes beautiful necklaces, belts, and bracelets. The Egyptian coil is widely used in necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc

jig used in making jewelry, a specific type of jig, is a plate or open frame for holding work and helping to shape jewelry components made out of wire

Learn to create Egyptian wire jewellery using a Jig in a two day Egyptian wire jewellery making workshop using Brass wires.
Make and Take :

  • 1 Egyptian Necklace
  • 5 Pendants
  • 5 Earrings

You will also learn different techniques like:

  • How to use a Jig: Learnt to use your jig to create different designs
  • Coiling : Learn to create coils
  • Hammering : Learn to strengthen the wire using the hammering technique
  • Creating angles : Learn to create different angles which are essential in creating different designs
  • Locking the wire : Learn to lock the wire which helps us add beads and create designs
  • Wire Wrapping : Learn how to wire wrap beads
  • How to make Jump Rings :  Learn to create different sized jump rings
  • How to make Earring Hooks :  Learn to create earring hooks according to your requirement
  • How to make Clasps : Make personalized clasps for your necklace
  • How to add Beads : Learn to add beads in your designs to create variation


Pick up on tips and tricks on how to use your jig to create different designs. We provide you with all the material which is required for the workshop. You take back whatever you make in the workshop , except the tools. We also give you all the different sources- online as well as local sources from where you can procure all the material and the tools required.

Come and experience the joy of making your own jewellery by attending our jewellery making workshops.

The workshops are conducted in Pune. If you want a group workshop conducted in your city then do get in touch.


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